Dezsaras Community Interview

Dezsaras Community Interview

How long have you been a part of Rogue Nation?
Just under a year. Got in, and became connected because of DrLupo. I had to find out what it was all about!

How would you describe your stream?
Charity focused & highly interactive. Doesn’t matter what the game is, we’re always playing it with community members. We try to play for something bigger than ourselves, playing for a purpose. For me that’s Children’s Hospitals.

When you say “Charity focused”. What exactly does that mean?
All year round we stream for St. Jude resarch hospital, and Extra-Life which aid children’s hospitals around the world helping kids, and their families go through the financial burden. 

Why Children’s hospitals?
My oldest son who’s now 10 and healthy was born with SVT, a heart condition that causes the heartbeat to race uncontrollably. For him it was five times a normal newborn. Couldn’t sleep, eat, lay down. As a result he was in the NICU for over a month and a half. He got through that because of the amazing doctors, nurses, and staff of a children’s hospital. I might not be the most competitive gamer or funniest gamer, but the least I could do was give back to those hospitals. 

You’ve recently become one of the Rogue Nation Charity Commissioners, tell us about that.
Between myself, Narwharrior, and DeeKayy we’ve planned all of our charity events for the end of 2019/beginning of 2020 including our 24 hr Extra-Life charity event, consulted on the St. Jude Esports Classic, and our 36 hr World Wildlife Foundation stream. 

Do you have any accomplishments from this year you’d like to share?
Last year on my stream we raised over $2700 for St. Jude, and according to their directory I was 169th in money raised. We’ve got a small but growing community, but it’s been amazing seeing what people do. 

Is your community representative of your channel’s mantra?
I think “You” are the figurehead. Be it a voice on stream, an image on twitter. What you are portraying is what draws people in. Discoverability on Twitch is nonexistent. You have to look down every avenue to find folks to discover you. The whole story draws people in, sure some people might come for the game or the charity, but when they see “why” you are streaming they’ll stick around for you. 

Anything else you’d like the fans to know? 
I stream Tuesday’s, Thursdays, and Saturdays until the wee wee hours of the morning. All donations from now to May 31st will all be dedicated specifically to St. Jude Play Live. Whether folks want to hang out and watch the stream, or financially support St. Jude my community will be there supporting them. 

St. Jude Campaign: 

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