Rogue’s Huskerrs Has Taken Over Call Of Duty: Warzone

Published Apr 13, 2020
Article By: Nicholas Barth
The Battle Royale genre has allowed a plethora of talented players to rise in stardom and show the world their skills. One of these competitors who has become a star in the world of competitive gaming over the years is Jordan “HusKerrs” Thomas, who is currently a member of Rogue’s professional Battle Royale roster.

HusKerrs has achieved a high level of success in multiple Battle Royale titles with his latest battlefield of conquest being Call of Duty: Warzone. The veteran player is known for being able to collect jaw-dropping kill amounts and highlight eliminations. This incredible level of skill has led HusKerrs to already capture multiple Warzone championships in the relatively short amount of time the Battle Royale title has been released.

This dominance in the latest game to take over the Battle Royale genre by HusKerrs began with his team’s victory in the 100 Thieves Warzone From Home tournament. Teaming with JoshOG and Team SoloMid’s Diegosaurs, HusKerrs was able to play a vital role in helping the trio secure the $25,000 grand prize for charity.

“The most exciting and enjoyable one was the 100T tournament because it seemed the most hyped up at the time and was for a good cause,” said HusKerrs regarding which of his championships stood out the most in his mind. “I also had many mutual friends that competed in it as well, so that added to the fun factor.”

March 24th was the day where the second Warzone championship of HusKerrs’ career was collected by the skilled Battle Royale player in the popular Warzone Wednesday tournament series. The show has quickly become one of the most-watched shows on Twitch in its first few weeks of competition. A star-studded roster of talented gaming personalities and celebrities filled the competing pool in Week 1 of Warzone Wednesday. However, these stacked rosters were not able to stop HusKerrs from continuing his utter dominance in the competitive scene for Call of Duty’s Battle Royale. Assembling once again with his championship teammates of JoshOG and Diegosaurs, HusKerrs was able to become one of the first Warzone Wednesday champions ever by taking the first place finish in Week 1 of the high-profile event.

However, it was not smooth sailing for the championship team. “The first Warzone Wednesday was the most difficult because of a mix between my team not yet having a lot of chemistry and there being more competition in that one than the 100 Thieves Warzone From Home tournament,” said HusKerrs.

A third Warzone championship was etched onto HusKerrs’ golden plaque of accomplishments on March 25th. This particular day of competition saw HusKerrs grab the North American Twitch Rivals Call of Duty: Warzone Showdown Solos title with his teammates Dr Disrespect and Vsnz in what was another adrenaline-fueled display of one of Rogue’s top players. The competition featured three bonuses that consisted of getting the most kills in one game, most overall kills, and the most player wins in all games played through the entirety of the tournament. HusKerrs was able to impressively obtain first place in two of these bonuses and third place in a showing of the impressive string of performances he was able to put together in the high-profile event.

This victorious moment saw Rogue’s highlight performer secure his third Warzone championship in only five days in what was a truly impressive string of results.

It was only a week after the North American Twitch Rivals Call of Duty: Warzone Showdown Solos event that HusKerrs was able to capture his fourth title for the popular Battle Royale. Warzone’s star squad of HusKerrs, JoshOG, and Diegosaurs joined forces once again to become back-to-back Warzone Wednesday champions and acquire their third trophy together. The fourth championship victory for HusKerrs was highlighted by the Rogue player being named MVP for Week 2 of Warzone Wednesday thanks to his exceptional performance in the star-filled competition.

There is no denying that HusKerrs has not wasted any time when it comes to establishing his status as a tier-one competitor on the virtual battlefields of Call of Duty: Warzone. Considering his past success in the early stages of the Battle Royale’s life, there is no limit to the amount of championships and achievements Rogue’s star player could have on his resume when all is said and done.

“I hope to break the kill record for Solos like I did in Blackout,” HusKerrs stated. “I’d like to continue winning any Warzone tournaments that may pop up in the future like Twitch Rivals, Warzone Wednesdays, and Code Reds.”

You can keep up with the exciting exploits of HusKerrs by following his Twitter account and make sure to stop by his Twitch channel whenever you are feeling like watching a prodigy go to work.

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