Rogue.Rogue Q&A

Interview with Rogue.Rogue

We’ve sat down with Rogue.Rogue our spotlight Rogue Nation stream team member that was recently partnered on Mixer. If you’d like to be highlighted as well, make sure to apply to join the community stream team at

What made you start streaming?
I actually started streaming, 2007-2008ish. Back when Halo was on top with the Boost Mobile MLG Pro Circuit, and I couldn’t get off the game. I saw a forum post saying that this weird little thing called was starting to catch on where people would broadcast themselves to the public, you’d just key in a little protocol—boom you were live. Streamed Halo 3, then Reach, then it became Twitch, and we haven’t stopped since then. It was a lot years of just streaming from a potato before I got some real equipment.

Do you see yourself as a content creator, or are you pursuing esports?
Given the opportunity, esports. 110%. Especially Halo, I’ve always wanted to be on the mainstage with that game. To be a pro player alongside some of my best friends who are already playing in the MLG events. I used to school my friends back in the day, I’ll get out the old 360, cause I still got the clips! 

How did you find Rogue Nation?
I’ve always followed the org, and at some point joined the Discord. Then I saw the ways it was being sculpted into a real community. With my name being Rogue, my interest was immediately piqued. I wanted to be involved in whatever way I could, and was so excited when I got accepted. 

What does it mean to you to be a part of the community?
It’s a family of people where so many are driven towards the common goal. Every person has the same dream, to do unique content and grow it with the other members. It’s not like so many other teams where people step on one another to get to the top. People who have questions or concerns get answered. I’m proud more than anything, and so happy to be a part. 

What are the pros and cons to streamers trying to decide on a platform?
I’ve had the most experience with Twitch, and have been through the gauntlet of platforms. I’d say for a new streamer, they should be considering other platforms. Unless you’re on Bugha’s level, and you know you’re cashing out on the next major tournament. I don’t see the value in starting out in the saturated market Twitch has become. You can get lucky, and go viral, but a place like Mixer, DLive, even Facebook Gaming can give you a real outlet that is under utilized to grow while creating a base that you can move someday. Restreaming on other platforms can especially be your best friend when creating a base audience. It’s little steps over little hurdles that get you to the goal you want to reach. Ninja was playing Halo while working in a noodle shop, leveraging every opportunity he had while his career snowballed, and that’s the reference I use. What are your best assets? What can I do to make this platform mine?

What moments in your career stick out to you?
Getting partnered on Mixer is one of my personal highlights. 

At what point would you say, “I made it as a streamer?”
I think when I get verified on Twitter, and have established my brand on the platforms I’m a part of. Hopefully someday I have the viewers it takes to not only reinvest into the stream, but also support myself. Maybe the first time I get recognized while walking down the street, haha.

Where can we find you?
Twitch: Rogue_
Mixer: Rogue
DLive: Rogue
Twitter: @RogueFPS

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