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Happy Lunar New Year from Rogue HQ!

New LEC team members, Coach SeeEl and jungle Malrang share a special message to Rogue fans in celebration of the Lunar New Year! Check them out below: Malrang: https://twitter.com/Rogue/status/1488523248891568128?s=20&t=r7Nj7Zbm3C67coR8RBcL5Q  SeeEl: https://twitter.com/Rogue/status/1488546197660971018?s=20&t=r7Nj7Zbm3C67coR8RBcL5Q 

Kia partners with Rogue’s LEC team

Berlin, Germany – April 2, 2020 – Kia has signed a groundbreaking partnership deal with Rogue’s League of Legends European Championship team in Berlin, Germany. Now when they are battling in lanes and the jungle the team will be arriving in futuristic style with Kia’s latest technologically advanced vehicles.  Finn, Inspired, […]